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Donna M Zukaitis-Falcone v118lsca at
Thu Oct 14 16:11:00 EST 1993

hello netters,

I've been trying for some time to locate crystallographic data including atomic
coordinates for metalloenzymes, particularly those with RNase or DNase activity
, but any phosphodiesterase activity will do, for a start.
  I have 4 references from Hough et. al. for Phospholipase C from bacillus 
cerus(1989).....but NO COORDINATES.
I have 2 references from D. Suck et. al. for endonuclease P1 from penicillium
citrinum(1991).......but NO COORDINATES. 
Can anybody direct me to an RNase or DNase that is a metalloenzyme with 
available atomic coordinates for modelling purposes????
How's a grad student to do a homology model if nobody bothers to put coordinates
in their publications or on PDB!

v118lsca at

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