Other detergents than bOGP ?

Satish Nair satish at a.chem.upenn.edu
Wed Sep 15 12:28:08 EST 1993

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grand at biobase.aau.dk (Gregers Andersen) writes:
>We are using bOGP for xtallisation of non membrane proteins.
>We have obtained a couple of crystal forms, for which the crystal
>growth depends heavily on bOGP, but the quality of the xtals is not
>very good. Are there others detergents which have been used with
>succes for soluble proteins ? 


CalBiochem sells something called the "Detergent Test Kit"
(catalog # 263450) which includes 1g each of hexyl-, heptyl-,
octyl-, nonyl- and decyl-GP and dodecyl-maltoside.  It sells
for $150 and their phone number is (800) 854-3417.

I have tried all of these detergents and have found the hexyl-OG
to work best with the protein I work on.  Of course, you should always check
that the detergent does not affect the activity of your protein.

satish nair

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