CCP4/ESF-EACBM Newsletter (contributions solicited)

Dave Love at
Mon Apr 11 10:30:45 EST 1994

                     CCP4/ESF-EACBM Newsletter

    Call for contributions for the next CCP4/ESF-EACBM Newsletter.

  Articles may cover any topic of interest to protein crystallographers

  Please send contributions by the 6th May to Sue Bailey or Keith Wilson

We would prefer articles in postscript format so that they can be distributed 
over the computer network.

We will also be including adverts of post-doctoral positions and details 
of conferences/meetings, so please send these in too.

                      Thank you, Sue Bailey.                    

 Dr. Sue Bailey            | Telephone: (+44) 925 603530  (direct line) 
 Secretary to CCP4         |            (+44) 925 603000  (switchboard)
 SERC Daresbury Laboratory | Facsimile: (+44) 925 603124
 Warrington WA4 4AD        | e-mail:    ccp4 at
 UK                        |            s.bailey at

 Prof. Keith Wilson        | e-mail:    keith at
 EMBL c/o DESY             
 Notkestrasse 85
 22603 Hamburg

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