Xtallization of membrane prot.

Irmgard Sinning Irmgard.Sinning at EMBL-Heidelberg.de
Tue Apr 12 14:16:07 EST 1994

Hi there to everybody who is working with membrane proteins,

    At EMBL we have an EMBO course on membrane proteins coming up in June.
We would like to include a crystallization experiment for the students and
we thought this a good opportunity for setting up a sort of incomplete
factorial search similar to those used for soluble proteins.
    For that reason we are asking as many people as possible that are
working on the crystallization of membrane proteins, to think about their
most promising or successful screening conditions and send them to us. As
far as we know there is no screening for membrane protein crystallization
similar to that of soluble proteins and most people use a "hit or miss"
approach in finding appropriate conditions. We would like to try to make the
screening with membrane proteins more systematic. Remarks on your
experiences with different detergents, combinations with salts etc are
highly welcome. If you contribute you will get a list with all the
conditions and remarks that we can collect and also the result from this  -
if we come up with a useful screening procedure. Although you might feel a
bit protective about "your screen", we are confident that everybody can gain
new information from this approach. 
     If you know colleagues that might want to contribute but escaped our
mailing list or are not reading the bionet...., we would be grateful if you
could forward this mail to them.

      Irmi Sinning

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