BDS at msc.com BDS at msc.com
Wed Apr 13 18:02:37 EST 1994

> > Does anyone know whether the SQUASH program is in the public domain
> > (i.e.  freely distributable) or must it be purchased.  If the
> > former is true, does anyone have any idea as to where I can get it
> > from.
>I don't know for sure the status of Kam Zhang's original version, but
>believe he distributes it and that it has diverged from the York
>version.  The current version from York costs some relatively small
>amount from Michael Woolfson, Dept. of Physics, York University, York,
>UK.  I think MSC will also sell you a version of some vintage but I'd
>recommend contacting York, where bug-fixes are made.  A freed
>re-implementation may be available at some stage, but not yet.

SQUASH is available from Molecular Structure. The license fee for
academic users is $1000.00. Please feel free to contact me directly
if you need more info.


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