CCP4 version 2.3 available

Dave Love at
Wed Apr 13 12:49:17 EST 1994

A new version of the CCP4 suite for protein crystallography is
available from ftp at  See information there
for licensing conditions.  I've previously announced major versions
here but probably won't make announcements here in the future because
the distinction between major and minor versions has been dropped.
Subscribe to the ccp4bb mailing list for further announcements --
instructions in the distribution.

--Dave (not the secretary)

Thank you for your interest in the CCP4 protein crystallography programs.

 Secretary to CCP4      | Telephone: (+44) 925 603530  (direct line) 
 Daresbury Laboratory   |            (+44) 925 603000  (switchboard)
 Warrington WA4 4AD     | Facsimile: (+44) 925 603124
 UK                     | e-mail:    ccp4 at

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