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Tue Apr 19 12:47:27 EST 1994

Since several people asked, I'll post the answer.

X-plor was and is developed in the lab of Axel Brunger
at Yale.  It's available to academic users for a modest
fee ($250, last time I checked), and even that can 
be waived in cases of hardship.  Send email to 
xplor at newton.biology.yale.edu to enquire.

Corporate users have to buy xplor from Molecular
Simluations, Inc., at *considerably* higher

All xplor licences come with the complete source
code (most of which is in a dialect of FORTRAN 77).

Be warned, though--the source code is *very* big 
and *very* difficult to understand at first.  I 
wrote the distance geometry engine for it (as well
as some great new NMR structure refinement stuff 
that'll be appearing Real Soon Now), and it took a
large investment of time to get up to speed.
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