Physics and Crystallography

Fri Apr 29 13:23:32 EST 1994

Dear Kevin, 


I could not reach your node and hence I am posting this on the net.

Background in Physics and computing is extremely useful in the area of 
crystallography.  Many present-day crystallographers do not have much 
expertise in this area.  They use existing program packages.  Most of 
the programs give the desired results, say, five out of six times.  It is 
that sixth time when they turn to somebody with real knowledge and background 
in the mathematical, physical, statistical, or, computational aspects.  
Unless, one is of the top class variety, it is difficult to survive with 
just crystallographic knowledge.  There is no proper place for a 
pure crystallographer in macromolecular crystallographic lab.  Then, how 
does one survive?  You must be able to grow crystals.  The guy who grows 
the crystals, basically, owns the project.  For this, extensive knowledge 
in biochemistry and molecular biology is necessary.  Some of this, one can 
pick up along the way.  But, such a knowledge won't be full and systematic.  
If you are young, and if you have time, do an MS in the above areas.  Then,
take crystallography, and you will succeed.  If you are willing to take 
work on small molecules or in materials science, it is altogether a 
different scenario.  Please call me or write to me if you have any questions.  

Goodbye! -  J. K.  Mohana  Rao (Off: (301) 846 - 5031)

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