Stap nuclease crystals

shelly armstrong shelly at
Mon Aug 1 17:28:41 EST 1994

We are in desparate need for wild-type Staph nuclease crystals.  We have a
synchrotron data collection run scheduled for August 12-15 and these
crystals are scheduled to be a big part of the run, however, due to a
crystal growth disaster we have no crystals in hand and do not have enough
time to grow new ones.  If anybody has such crystals in the lab, we are
willing to beg, buy, or borrow (if you really want them back) them.  Anyone
who can help out should send an email to Rick Walter either at
walter at or at walter at  I can also
be reached by phone at 607-255-2174 or by FAX at 607-255-2428.  Thanks.

Richard L. Walter
Section of Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology
Cornell University

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