multiple colored strands in MOLSCRIPT?

Tue Aug 2 12:23:50 EST 1994


> I would like to have several colors on the same strand in a plot using
> MOLSCRIPT.  For example, if the strand goes from residue 1 to residue 10,

> So, is this possible?  

I think it is.  You will have to use Molscript V1.4 to create an apporpriate output
file for the program RASTER3D (you can fetch a copy from and then use the latter to highlight anything you
want. RASTER3D is quite nice in that you can create a colour definition file (this
is in the PDB format) having the necessary instructions for different residues.

If you have the latest version of Molscript, then some of the example files show
you example input files for RASTER3D.

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