multiple colored strands in MOLSCRIPT?

Ethan A Merritt merritt at
Mon Aug 8 10:47:30 EST 1994

In article <Cu7MCG.IAu at> P.A.Keller at writes:
>drawback with using Raster3D is that it produces atrocious-looking
>bitmapped postscript (this is really postscript's fault, not Raster3D's),
>so if you use it, you are better off taking photos from the screen (which
>can give really spectacular results). 
There seems to be some misunderstanding here. Raster3D does not produce
PostScript output at all. It generates pure raster images in your choice 
of AVS, TIFF, or SGI image file formats.  Any further conversions to other 
formats must be done using other software.  PostScript is not well suited
to describing color raster images anyway; if nothing else the files would
be impossibly large.  I have found the TIFF format the most generally
transportable (and printable).

As to the original question about multicolored strands - I'm afraid that
I don't see any way to get the desired effect using Molscript/Raster3D.
The closest I can think of is the earlier suggestion to place a colored
alpha-carbon sphere for each residue embedded in a solid color strand.

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