program to extract coordinates from a stereo diagram

Ron Meleshko ron at
Wed Aug 10 16:15:26 EST 1994

Menachem Shoham (shoham at BIOCHEMISTRY.BIOC.CWRU.EDU) wrote:
: Hello Everyone,
: There are still structures being published with the authors not depositing their
: coordinates. I happen to be interested in such a structure, and all I have is an
: alpha-carbon diagram in stereo. I remember that Michael Rossmann wrote a program
: many years ago to extract coordinates from a stereo diagram. Does anyone know 
: where I can get this program or a related one?

The program (stereo.for??) was in the collection of unsupported
programs that came with the PDB data tape as of a year or so 
ago.  I would first check the Brookhaven ftp site to see if it
is online.

Ron Meleshko
University of Alberta

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