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> I am trying to get a few pictures ready for publication and would like
> to
> make some split-screen stereo images using O on an Evans and Sutherland
> workstation.  We also have O running on an Indigo, and I know how to
> make these images on it; but I can find no information in the manual on
> how to get the ESV version to go into split screen mode.  Does anyone
> out there know how to get this to work on the ESV?

The classic way of getting L/R stereo pairs for publication is to set up the
picture you want, full screen, mono for the (eg) left image, take a
picture,  then rotate the picture 6 degrees (or approx), and take a
picture for the right image.  The reason for doing this is that you lose
half the screen resolution in _all_ stereo modes (even on the ESV with its
fantastic anti-aliasing).  Consequently, if you do it the way I suggest,
the final printed images will be better, even though it means you have to
fiddle & stick two half-images together.

Of course, in the good old PS390 FRODO 6.6 days, there was a toggle that
switched between full-screen stereo, split stereo, left image and right
image. That way, it was dead simple to do what I am describing. Isn't it
amazing what advances in software & hardware can bring you?


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