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|> Computer experts:
|> Has anyone ever had the situation where a small tar file was written at the 
|> beginning of a 8 mm Exabyte tape which originally contained one big tar file?  
|> Does anyone have the expertise to recover the data remaining from the big tar 
|> file?  
|> We've found a company (Ontrack Data Recovery) that will do it, but it is rather 
|> pricey.  Has anyone used this or any other company?
|> Thanks for any help.
|> Mark 
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Dear Mark

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People often overwrite the beginning of large tar archive, leaving the
first bit of the tape overwritten and the rest presumably intact. This
is usually NOT recoverable.

However, if you're feeling lucky, you might (says Dave Olson
<olson at>) try something like 'mt fsf 4; mt bsf 2; tar xe' or
'mt fsf 4; mt bsr 2; tar xe'.  You might also try 'tar cv foo', where
'foo' is slightly bigger than what you overwrote the archive with the
first time, and pull the plug on the tape drive before it writes the
EOF. Then power it back up and try 'tar xe'.

If this sounds unlikely to work, you're right. Don't let it happen; use
the write protect tab.


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