What's the largest prot. structure known?

Pete Dunten dunten at onyx.bmc.uu.se
Fri Aug 19 15:42:23 EST 1994

>>2) What is the current record (the largest single peptide that has had its
>>diffraction pattern traced)?

>From Ray Jacobson in the Brian Matthews lab at the University of Oregon,
>the structure of beta-galactosidase, by MIR methods:

Not to take anything away from Jacobson & Matthews, but let's not forget
the recent determination of the myosin S1 structure.  843 residues in the 
heavy chain, 166 in the regulatory light chain, and  149 in the essential 
light chain.  Ref.: Rayment et. al. (1993) Science 261, pp 50-58.   Total is
1158 residues.  The crystallization strategy was also rather unusual, and let's
hope this new methodology is tried by other groups.  

My structure is a paltry 4 x 507 residues in the a.u., which falls just short
of another Uppsala structure: ribonucleotide reductase subunit R1 is 
3 x 761 residues.  

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