Using dials box with O on SGI

Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at
Tue Aug 23 15:53:25 EST 1994

In article <D.LOVE.94Aug23163041 at>, at (Dave Love) writes:
|> I'm surprised to find I'm an O wizard!  (There must be an interesting
|> Uppsala word for such people...)  Direct followups about that one to
|> s.mcsweeney at  I guess my .emacs configuration has been borrowed.

You prefer O-dalisques, I assume ?

Hmm .. Haven't thought about O-words to classify users
up until now.  How about:

O-mniscient O-verlord -> the type who knows the ins and outs

O-stensible O-af -> someone who gives the impression of being
                    an expert

O-xy-moron -> someone who has all his/her peptide oxygens
              pointing in the wrong direction

O-mphaloskeptic -> one who produces beautiful pictures all
                   day but doesn't get any real work done

O-fficious O-piner -> someone who always tells you how to
                      do things

O-dd O-ne O-ut -> the type who always has to try and find
                  the combinations of commands that crash
                  the program

O-ligophage -> someone who only uses a minimal subset of 
               the available O commands

O-niomaniac -> one who always buys the latest & coolest bit
               of hardware on the market

O-ligophreniac -> Frodo-user ;-) 

O-psimath -> someone who converted from Frodo to O at the
             age of 40 or later

Of course, the correct term for O-look-alikes would be
O-nomatopoeia ;-)


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