Using dials box with O on SGI

Dave Love at
Tue Aug 23 07:27:34 EST 1994

>>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart Priest <priest at ben.NoSubdomain.NoDomain> writes:

 Stuart> Dear all
 Stuart> Can anyone remind me what I need to do to get a dial box to work with
 Stuart> O on an SGI workstation?  I remember how to change the dial warp 
 Stuart> factor with .dial_real but can't remember anything else! (in quanta
 Stuart> you use device.dat, is there a similar file for O?).

 Stuart> Thanks

 Stuart> Stuart
Hi Stuart , I'm not sure if you've done this , but this is what I had
to do ;-)

As system manager activate the System Manager Tool from Toolbox.

Select Serial Ports

there is an option to set the port to 'dials and buttons ', do this
for the appropriate port

reboot (may not be necessary but I did it to be on the safe side )

O will recognise the dials there. 

The .dials_real  value should be set to 0.15 to give approx the same
feel as an ESV.

Hope this helps


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