top of the protein pops?

Mark Pallen mpallen at
Wed Aug 31 06:19:28 EST 1994

Hi netters
Last year I attended an evening class in protein structure and
engineering at 
the Department of Crystallography at Birkbeck College, London, England. 
Although I was not able to attend all of the course, I enjoyed the parts
I did.
However, it was only after the course that I acquired some programs
(Raswin and
FoldIt Lite--are these the best in the way of shareware?) that allowed me
display structures on my own desktop computers (PC and Mac respectively).
would like to consolidate what I learned about structural motifs etc by
at some interesting structures. Has anyone ever compiled a top ten or top
or top hundred list of the most informative or illustrative structures
the PDB database.
What I mean by that is--is there a list of proteins with a say typical
Key or helix-turn-helix motif, specifically compiled with the beginner in

Also how do I search for specific entries in the PDB database for text
For example if I wanted to find the entry for diphtheria toxin, but did
know the accession no., how would I find it? I would use stringsearch in
the GCG
package if I wanted to get the sequence from GenBank or SwissProt, but
doesn't seem to work with PDB files.

Thanks in anticipation

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