Postdoctoral protein purification position: Finland.

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Fri Dec 2 07:13:36 EST 1994

Postdoctoral protein purification position: Finland. 

A postdoctoral position, initially for a period of two years, is available
in the laboratories of Drs. Markku Jalkanen and Adrian Goldman at the Turku
Centre for Biotechnology to work on the overexpression, production and
purification of basic fibroblast growth factor receptor.  The long term
goal of the project involves crystallising the receptor with its various
ligands and elucidating its structure by x-ray crystallography.  The salary
will be between 11,000 and 14,000 FIM a year depending on experience.
(These days, there are 4.5 FIM per USD.)

The Turku Centre for Biotechnology is a superbly-equipped interdisciplinary
academic centre, jointly funded by the two universities in Turku (The
University of Turku and Abo Akademi).  The Centre is housed in the
recently-built BioCity building in Turku, Finland and has excellent ties to
local and Nordic industry.  It is a very exciting, challenging place to work.

Turku, the former capital, is on the Southwestern coast of Finland and
faces Stockholm across the Gulf of Finland.  The summer days are long, the
winters are not nearly as cold as you might imagine and the Finns speak
excellent English.

For further information, contact: Adrian Goldman
(Adrian.Goldman at or Markku Jalkanen
(Markku.Jalkanen at or phone: intl+358-(9)21-6338602.

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