Dirk Bussiere dirk at
Fri Dec 2 14:17:47 EST 1994

I am once again using that annoying program MOLSCRIPT to make a few
figures and, as usual, I am running into problems.  I am using it to
make a figure 
of a protein:DNA complex with the protein and DNA read in as seperate
I got the view I wanted on O, generated the transform matrix and read
it from
the o_plot file, did the usual 'transform atom *' and the matrix.  The
protein is positioned properly in the output (i.e. is equivalent to the
view), but apparently the DNA was not aligned by the 'transform'
(either that
or it was aligned incorrectly by it).  Has anyone run into this
problem, and
if so, how do I correct it?? Thanks!

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