Help: Installing PDB utils on SGI

Lothar Mayring Mayring at
Fri Dec 16 13:07:22 EST 1994

Dear netters,

I am trying to install various PDB-utilities from the July 1994 CD-ROM 
(mirror, perl, pdbbrowse, tcl and others) on my Indigo (Irix 5.2).

The installation notes say to use 
   % make install
to install the files needed, but my version of /sbin/install refuses
to run with the option "-c" ("illegal option ...") that the make file
provides it with. I am not sure at what step the problem originates, is
the make file not ok for SGI ? Is this not the right installer to use ?
Am I doing something else wrong ???

Could somebody provide us with a working step-by-step procedure, from
start to finish ? Please post, or mail to:
<steipe at>

Thanks in advance

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