Who distributes Molscript?

Neil Clarke Neil.Clarke at qmail.bs.jhu.edu
Mon Feb 7 10:08:12 EST 1994

In article <CKurJJ.I2J at midge.bath.ac.uk>, bsspak at midge.bath.ac.uk (P A
Keller) wrote:

> Does anyone know who handles the distribution of Molscript now, and how to
> get in touch with them? I have sent an e-mail to postmaster at bmc.uu.se, asking
> for an e-mail address for Per Kraulis, but it has not been answered.

According to the documentation for Molscript that we have, Per Kraulis has
chosen not to give out his email address because it is unreliable.  As of
1991 he listed his phone and FAX numbers in England as (respectively)
(0223) 333 596 and (0223) 333 345

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