Compilation of PRISM (again)

Bryan Anderson BAnderso at
Wed Feb 9 23:43:46 EST 1994

I am still trying to compile and run the PRISM package as supplied by KIM HENDRICKS.
Everything compiles OK on our Silicon Grahics Indigo  but when running SKELETON the program
bombs out with a 'bus error' on the RETURN statement of the MAKEMAP4 subroutine. I have
checked this by inserting write statements immediately before the RETURN and immediately 
after the call statement in the main program . The main program is written in C while the
subroutine is in FORTRAN.  

Has anyone had a similar problem when returning from a FORTRAN subroutine back to a C main
program ?
Can anyone suggest where I should look for the likely cause of a 'bus error' ?
                            Bryan Anderson

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