Space Groups

Nick Blom nick at BCH.UMontreal.CA
Thu Feb 10 14:37:34 EST 1994

In his letter Murray-Rust Dr P <pmr1716 at> writes:

>I'd be grateful for a pointer to a (machine-readable) table of the 230 
>spacegroups with their symmetry operators, ideally with alternative 
>settings to cover non-standard cases.  I plan to incorporate these into a 
>set of C++ classes which I use for teaching and which I will make 
>publicly available, so I wouldn't want to violate any copyright.  (I need 
>more than the CCP4 library, which is a subset of the 230).
>        Thanks
>        Peter

Dear Peter,

I don't have the full list of space groups, but only those for
protein structures. I even have a C++ class that deals with
this ASCII file. If you want a copy of one or both please let 
me know.


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