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Thu Feb 10 21:05:23 EST 1994

Simon Brocklehurst (Bioc) (smb18 at wrote:
: GOLDMAN at ALA.BTK.UTU.FI (Adrian Goldman, BTK x8029) writes:

: >This announcement, and the fact that the HKL suite of programs for the RAXIS
: >have to bought from MSC (for $1500(!)) made me decide to get other peoples'
: >reactions to the current trend towards commercialised programs.  As far as
: >I am aware most, if not all, of the programs being commercialised are
: >developed using government funding (Austrian, US, etc., etc.) and with a
: >committment to sharing "results".  If the results of some government funding
: >is a coordinate set, we are obliged to deposit it in the PDB for all to use
: >(sometimes without reference to the original work!).

:     This is not so in all parts of the world.  Note that
: Science and Nature are so desparate to get the hottest structures they don't
: require that researchers deposit their coordinates.  J. Mol. Biol. allows
: the coordinates to be put on hold for up to two years after publication.
: This is not really sharing.

 <Stuff deleted>


	Science now requires the deposition of coordinates; Nature does not.
There has been an exponential increase in the number of structure papers
published in Nature in the last three years.   Draw your own conclusions.

	Peter David

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