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Fri Feb 11 11:13:14 EST 1994

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 >We are looking for some commercial available stereo glasses to look at
 >stereo plots of proteins or electron density. Preferably we would like to
 >get adjustable ones (not the ones you can put on the table, but the ones
 >with movable mirrors inside .. not easy to explain, but I hope you
 >understand). Now we are using a very good, old fashioned (wooden !!) one
 >from a company(?) called 'nu3dvu' (or is it the model ?). 

The Wooden stereo glasses are still available through nu3dvu.

nu3dvu Co.
71 East 28th Ave. 
Eugene, Oregon  97405

Wood model  $ 85.00 US
Mat board   $ 65.00 US

Sorry no phone #

Timothy Reynolds

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