Stereo viewers

Fri Feb 11 12:42:52 EST 1994

** Clemens Vonrhein writes:

>We are looking for some commercial available stereo glasses to look at
>stereo plots of proteins or electron density. Preferably we would like to
>get adjustable ones (not the ones you can put on the table, but the ones
>with movable mirrors inside .. not easy to explain, but I hope you
>understand). Now we are using a very good, old fashioned (wooden !!) one
>from a company(?) called 'nu3dvu' (or is it the model ?). 

>Where can we buy some or has anyone a good idea how to build one ourself?

	The nu3dvu glasses are still available (now your choice,
plastic or wooden) from:
	Nu 3-D Vu Co.
	71 E. 28th Ave.
	Eugene, OR  97405

	(503) 465-4930

	Aldrich also sells something that looks comparable, 
although I haven't actually seen them (Cat. number Z15,675-2,
retailing for about $40 US).

	A machinist at Chicago actually fabricated a mirror system
that attaches to the monitor of the PS-390, where the mirrors
are on a massive metal arm that swings up and down on hinges.  This
works very nicely, but I advise strongly against attempting to 
duplicate, since on at least one occasion the mirrors have fallen
on my head as I leaned in to peer at some molecular detail...

	And of course, the Xtal-Eyes make all this side-by-side
stuff seem silly and obsolete.  If you can afford them.

	Good luck!

Pat Loll
Univ. of Chicago
loll at

"We work hard all day long, and sweat in our sleep.  What a 
 wretched life!"  (A. Berg, Wozzeck)

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