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> >   We are looking for some commercial available stereo glasses to look at
> >   stereo plots of proteins or electron density. Preferably we would like to
> >   get adjustable ones (not the ones you can put on the table, but the ones
> >   with movable mirrors inside .. not easy to explain, but I hope you
> >   understand). Now we are using a very good, old fashioned (wooden !!) one
> >   from a company(?) called 'nu3dvu' (or is it the model ?). 

As far as I know, the company that makes these still exists.  (At least
they did as of 1.5 years ago.)  They respond only, if I remember correctly, to
money sent to them.  They have a plastic model (B) that sells/sold for $125 and
a "wooden" (A) that costs $150.  I would go with the plastic kind.  The wood
ones break.  The address of the company is:
nu 3-D vu Co.,
71 East 28th Avenue,
Eugene, OR 97405.

You can just send them an order for n glasses plus s/h and your credit card
number.  They don't have a phone number (at least _I_ could never find one!)

I don't know who/what this company is.  I have always assumed that it
had some vague connection to Brian Mathews, given its location but have
no evidence to support that assumption.

Hope this helps,


ps  Does anyone know anything more about this company?  If they made any
effort to make it harder to get hold of them, they would have an unlisted

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