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>> >   We are looking for some commercial available stereo glasses to look at
>> >   stereo plots of proteins or electron density. Preferably we would like to
>> >   get adjustable ones (not the ones you can put on the table, but the ones
>> >   with movable mirrors inside .. not easy to explain, but I hope you
>> >   understand). Now we are using a very good, old fashioned (wooden !!) one
>> >   from a company(?) called 'nu3dvu' (or is it the model ?). 

A few years ago we bought two plastic stereo vieweres from a company in
Germany. These are wonderful, because they contain two moveable mirrors and
therefore allow you to view stereo pictures of any size, even those projected
on a screen. The company is called VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, Pappelallee 3,
Postfach 1260/1280, D-6940 Weinheim. I dont know if they still exist. VCH call
them   "Spiegelstereoskop"  i.e. Reflecting Stereoscope.

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