New Crystallographic Gopher at

Lachlan Cranswick lachlan at
Wed Feb 16 02:51:37 EST 1994

New Crystallographic Gopher at

Following is information on a crystallographic gopher kindly set up
by Mark Whatmore of the CSIRO Division of Information
Technology Services (whatmore at that has information
relevant to crystallography. This includes the ability to read
the bionet.xtallography and sci.techniques.xtallography newsgroups which
complements the gopher server at
( but which can be difficult connecting to the newsreading
(This may benefit people who do not have direct access to the
Usenet, or whose news-server has crashed or is going very slowly.)

The amount of options are rather limited at the moment but
if people know of other crystallography gophers, internet information 
or articles that could be connected to this gopher - please 
email it to me at lachlan at  This may also include
other relevant newsgroups or email lists of crystallographic

To use this gopher type :-


When a menu shows up, chose the following options :-

4.  Research Information (by Subject)/ 

6.  Crystallographic Information/  

                          Crystallographic Information

      1.  Brookhaven National Protein Data Bank /
      2.  Email Addresses of Crystallographers/
      3.  Related USENET Newsgroups/
      4.  CONCISE: European Crystallography Information Server (in the UK)/


If anyone has problems with this setup - please feel free to email me.

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