Need instruction info. for old ORTEP.

Fri Feb 18 15:01:24 EST 1994


> I am trying to decrypt my way (unsuccessfully) through ORTEP using old output 
> files and the memories of those who haven't used it in over five years.  I
> would be most appreciative if someone could send me the instruction list (what
> do each of the cards do) or info. on where to get it myself, you could really
> save me from a massive migraine and hours of aggravation.

Here is what I recommend.  There is a very nice Unix version of ORTEP
that can be compiled under an X environment and you could try the same.
You can fetch the Unix version by:

passwd:<your name>
cd pub/chemistry/software/ORTEP
get <the necessary files>

Alternatively, you could contact my good friend Norimasa Yamazaki in
Japan at the following address:

yam at

Incidentally, he is also the author of the Unix port of ORTEP. 

Hope this helps.

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