Elias J. Fernandez efernan at
Sat Feb 19 12:17:09 EST 1994

Does anyone have a version of MAPPAGE that creates dsn6 files readable by 
CHAIN (Baylor College of Medicine)?

I have been trying to convert PROTEIN version3.1 files on the SGI and the older
version of PROTEIN on the vax to dsn6 format by MAPPAGE and by MAPMAN ('O')
but neither of these versions of dsn6 is readable by CHAIN. 

W. Steigemann sent me a version of MAPPAGE. However this can only read ascii
X-PLOR maps, as it dumps core with a Bus Error with the PROTEIN version 3.1
maps. Even these dsn6 maps, from X-plor, cannot be read into CHAIN. As of now
CHAIN only seems to read X-PLOR ascii maps.

Elias Fernandez,
elias at

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