Need instruction info. for old ORTEP

Brian M Burkhart bburkhar at
Sun Feb 20 18:31:59 EST 1994

Many thanks to all of you who posted me regarding ORTEP.  All of you have been
quite helpful.  One chap (sorry I deleted my mail so I lost your name) at
Molecular Structure Corp. FAXed me some pages from a manual that had card
descriptors.  This was exactly what I needed, and the pics look quite nice.

BTW, most suggested that I try to find a newer version that will automate 
things better.  But as I explained to some of you who mailed me, I only needed 
to make one or two pics and will probably not make anymore (here at least) 
since I am a protein xtallography grad. student and will graduate soon.  
Hopefully the next place I go will have the manual or a reasonable substitute
in case I need it.  Ours got lost when my advisor moved a few years back.

Again many thanks,
Brian Burkhart

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