Using 'O' on Reality Engine Graphics

James B. Hargrave hargrjb at
Mon Feb 21 11:40:27 EST 1994

To Whomever Would Help:

I have a problem with 'O' (ver 5.9) handling RE graphics. 'O' is 
a graphics program written by Swedish (Welsh?) crystalographers.  

I am trying to run this program on Power Series 4D-480 and 4D-310
equipped with RE graphics (4.0.5g).  

I have tried 4D_os5 (also 4D_ono) on SGI reality engine, but still
get only a black window.  On other graphics boards I get text
in the upper right hand corner immediately.  It seems like I 
am able to read a coordinate file in but it is not displayed.  
The graphics board identification that I get is GL4DRE-4.0  
(GL4DVGXT-4 is what I get on SGI VGX machine).  

I have traded e-mail with Micheal Teschner (micha at
and tried a fix he recommended for Onyx systems running 4.0.5g.
        setenv ONO_GR_TYPE ONO_GTX

Micheal claims the problem is caused by the fact that on Crimson RE
running IRIX 4.0.5G and later the fog-linear commmand does not work.

I realize the OS upgrade is just around the corner but I need it
yesterday.  If you need any additional information, please 
mail limkx at or hargrjb at



                                Kap Lim.

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