Need instruction info. for old ORTEP

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bburkhar at (Brian M Burkhart) writes:

>P.S. If you know how I could get a newer version (post-70's), that might be
>nice too.

I'm not sure if this is out of date but a post dated Nov 1 93, mentions
an ftp site for a DOS version of ORTEP.  The zip files are still at
the ftp site.



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there were some requests for a PC version of ORTEP. I found
some old code and DOS executable. Feel free to download by
anonymous ftp:

You will find DOS unzip at:

I just checked "ortep.exe < kuban.dat", which successfully
produced "outfile", a HP-GL file. As far as I know the
code is ok. On the other hand that's all I know. Please,
if you run into difficulties, have a look at the sources.

        Do *not* ask me.

BTW: there is no makefile.

Best regards,
Ralf Grosse Kunstleve
Institute of Crystallography, ETH Zurich, CH
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