PROLSQ on XTAL32 (In n)

Kengo Kitadokoro kengo at
Tue Feb 22 20:54:26 EST 1994

 Dear Networker!

    I have a probrem with refinement by PROLSQ on XTAL32.

  I am doing the refinement by PROTIN/PROLSQ of XTAL system,

  and our protein structure contains a 'cis-proline'.

    I have designated it to cis-conformation with PROTIN,

 but it could not work well. 

  It is always recognized as trans-conformation.

    Many help for me.  Thanks in advance.

 Kengo Kitadokoro
   12-4,Sagisu 5-chome,Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553,Japan
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