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Thu Feb 24 14:34:44 EST 1994

Program_Name: MidasPlus - Molecular Interactive Display and Simulation
Topic: proteins, nucleic acids, drugs
Bibliographic_Ref: T.E. Ferrin, C.C. Huang, L.E. Jarvis and R. Langridge,
Bibliographic_Ref: "The MIDAS display system", Journal of Molecular Graphics,
Bibliographic_Ref: Vol 6, No 1, pp 13-27 (1988).
Bibliographic_Ref: C.C. Huang, E.F. Pettersen, T.E. Klein, T.E. Ferrin and R.  
Bibliographic_Ref: "Conic: A fast renderer for space-filling molecules with  
Bibliographic_Ref: Journal of Molecular Graphics, Vol 9, No 4, pp 230-236  
Bibliographic_Ref: T.E. Ferrin, G.S. Couch, C.C. Huang, E.F. Pettersen and R.  
Bibliographic_Ref: "An Affordable Approach to Interactive Desktop Molecular  
Bibliographic_Ref: Journal of Molecular Graphics, Vol 9, No 1, pp 27-32,37-38  
Input_Format: PDB
Output_Format: PDB
Molecular_Model: wire, stick, stick_and_ball, CPK, ribbon
Output_Type: display, PostScript, SGI "Image File"
Operating_System: Unix
Computer_Type: SGI (all models), DECstation 5000, DEC Alpha, NeXTstation
Hardware_Supported: crystal eyes, spaceball
Graphic_Library: GL, OpenGL, or NextStep
Distribution_Method: Licensed through the Regents of the University of  
Price_Academic: $350
Price_Private: contact
Contact_Affiliation: Computer Graphics Laboratory
Contact_Affiliation: University of California, San Francisco
Contact_Name: MidasPlus distribution coordinator
Contact_Phone: 415-476-5128
Contact_Fax: 415-476-0866
Contact_Email: midasplus at cgl.ucsf.edu

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