Duncan McRee dem at fourier
Tue Feb 22 19:24:00 EST 1994

Program_Name: XtalView
Program_Version: 2.0
Program_Date: January 1994
Program_Author: Duncan E. McRee, The Scripps Research Institute
Topic: simple_molecule, drug, crystal, protein
Bibliographic_Ref: McRee, D.E., J. Mol. Graphics, Vol 10, pp. 44-36, 1992.
Input_Format: PDB
Output_Format: PDB
Molecular_Model: wire
Output_Type: displays: GL, PostScript
Operating_System: Unix
Computer_Type: SUN-sparc OS4+, SGI OS4+, DEC ULTRIX4 
Computer_Type: (other sites have ported to IBM RS/6000, LINUX, Stellar) 
Hardware_Requested: screen, mouse, keyboard
Hardware_Supported: stereo_display, dials
Graphic_Library: PHIGS(DEC), X11(All), GX/GS(SUN), GLX(SGI)
Distribution_Method: freeware (for non-profit)
Ftp_Site: ftp.sdsc.edu
Ftp_Directory: send email to ccms-request at sdsc.edu with single line "get xtalview", no subject.
Price_Academic: free
Price_Private: 500.00
Contact_Name: The Computational Center for Macromolecular Structure (CCMS)
Contact_Phone: +1-234-567-8901 (international number of the headquarters)
Contact_Email: ccms-help at sdsc.edu

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