Global Alert For All: Jesus is Coming Soon

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Tue Jan 18 14:13:06 EST 1994

In article <D.LOVE.94Jan18110048 at>, at (Dave Love) writes:
|> In article <2hfj4t$qo7 at>, clarence at (Clarence L. Thomas IV) writes:
|>  > The earthquake in Los Angeles, California, the flood in Europe, the
|>  > seemingly unstoppable war in the former Yugoslavia, the devastating
|>  > fires in Australia, the flood in the Midwest of the United States
|>  > of America, the devastating fires near Los Angeles, California, the
|>  > rapid and appalling increase in violence in cities, towns, villages
|>  > all over the world, the famines, the diseases, the rapid decline of
|>  > the family unit, and the destructive earthquake in India (in 1993)
|>  > are signs that this world's history is coming to a climax. The
|>  > human race has trampled on God's Constitution
|> We hope that the next release of the CCP4 suite will fix most of these
|> bugs.  Probably the Uppsala Software Factory is also working on the
|> problem.  Gerard?

With a generous grant from the International Red Cross,
we are now extending OOPS to include natural disasters.
The input to OOPS is a world (in PDB format !) and a
number of O datablocks.  OOPS will look for bad or
suspect disaster areas.  It then generates a set of
O macros which automatically take you from one disaster
area to the next and tell you what's wrong/suspect about
it, thereby reducing the time it takes you to rebuild
your world by a factor of 2 to 10.  In the future,
we also hope to include inner-city violence.


P.S.: from the list of bugs (or, rather, features, since
they're documented now) it would seem as if God programs
in Pascal.
P.P.S.: OOPS is NOT compatible with FRODO.  Real men don't
use FRODO, they write O macros.

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