Call for Synchrotron Proposals

Fri Jul 15 09:00:38 EST 1994

                      Synchrotron Beam Time Available

Applications may be submitted to the Brookhaven National Laboratory Biology
Department to obtain time on NSLS beamline X12-C.  This monochromatic x-ray
beamline is equipped with a MAR 300mm-diameter storage-phosphor imaging-
plate scanner, mounted on a CAD-4 style diffractometer (Enraf-Nonius), and
several computers for data reduction and preliminary interpretation of
results. The programs MOSFLM, DENZO, and XDS are installed for data
reduction, which is nearly always accomplished at the beamline during data
collection. There is also apparatus (Oxford Cryostream) for flash-freezing
of specimens. The X-ray monochromator is easily tuned between 7.8 and 13.6
keV for precise use of anomalous dispersion effects.  The CAD-4/MAR system
should handle any unit cell dimensions. 

For application materials, please send E-mail to Ann Emrick, the Biology 
Dept. User Coordinator, at EMRICK at BNL.GOV.
	Robert M. Sweet			SWEET at BNL.GOV (Internet) or
	Biology Dept.			SWEET at BNL  (Bitnet)
	Brookhaven Nat'l Lab.		516 282 3401  (Office)
	Upton, NY  11973		516 282 5642  (Lab)
	U.S.A.				516 282 3407  (Facsimile)

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