Cambridge Small mol database ?

Henling, Lawrence M. lmh at
Sat Jul 16 17:04:00 EST 1994

 For carbon containing organic and organometallic compounds there is:
Cambridge Structural Database

 For US Academic users only:

     Medical Foundation of Buffalo, Inc
     73 High St.  Buffalo  NY  14203

     Jane Griffin (or Dr. William Duax or Phyllis Strong)
     Phone: (716) 856-9600
     FAX: +716-852-4846
     E-mail:  griffin at

For industrial and rest-of-the-world users:

     Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
     12 Union Road
     Cambridge, CB2 1EZ, UK

     Phone: (+44) 0223 336408   Administrative Office
     FAX number: +44-223-336033
     E-mail: Software at

larry henling  
lmh at

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