Looking for a PhD programm in biochem and xtallography

Sergey Levin slevin at yu1.yu.edu
Wed Jul 27 14:27:47 EST 1994

Dear Sir.

I am currently a undergraduate biology student in Yeshiva
University, New York. As I am only one year from receiving my
BA, I am currently looking for a lab to do my PhD at . My
primary interest is in protein structure and structure-function
relationship. I am specificly interested in X-ray
crystallography and 2D NMR, but would like to combine them with
other biochemical experimental techniques. I am willing to
relocate anywhere in the USA. My CV is enclosed.

 Sergey Levin
 slevin at telico.bioc.aecom.yu.edu

 Research experience: 

 Albert Einstain College of Medicine, July 1993 to (presently) 
 Study of Parafusin, a membrane fusion related protein from
 Paramecium Tetaurelia. Modeling of Parafusin molecule
 utilising known aminoacid sequence and crystallographic
 coordinates of 71% homologous molecule, phosphoglucomutase.

 Columbia University, Hovard Huges Institute. May  to July 1993
 Development of Protein Database verification tool. 
 Programming of an object oriented tool for browzing through PDB
 in C++ using SUIT interface tool. 

 Columbia University May to September 1992
 Study of effect of ATP on the Ca++ levels and Cl- influx in 
 cystic fibrosis cells. 
 Tallin Military Hospital (ESTONIA,USSR) 1988,September  to
 1991 May. Isolation and characterisation of toxins released 
 due to the prolonged compression syndrome. 
 Biology courses: 
 In Tallin Medical School(ESTONIA, USSR):
 Human Anatomy                           2 semesters 
 Histology                               1 semesters 
 Microbiology                            1 semesters 
 Genetics                                1 semester 
 Pharmacology                            2 semesters. 
 Yeshiva University (New York): 
 Cell Biology                            1 semester 
 Molecular biology                       1 semester 
 Microbiology                            1 semester 
 Immunology                              1 semester 
 Modern research methods                 1 semester 

 Einstain College Of Medicine (audited)
 Signal transduction and hormone action
 Cellular Neurophysiology					 

 Laboratory techniques and experimental methods:

 Fluorescent measurements in micro and in macro: 
 Ca++ by fluo-3,fura-2 
 Cl- by SPQ, MQAE 

 Bacterial transformation and DNA recombination techniques.

 Cell culture techniques and protozoa culture techniques.

 Western, southern bloting techniques.

 DNA sequencing.

 Protein computer modeling and structure analisys, protein 
 crystallisation techniques. Knowledge of InsightII, Tom 2.8, 
 Grasp 4.0, Setor.

 Additional skills: 
 Computer programming: C, C++ in UNIX or DOS. Can use X,
 X-motif and GL libs. Have some hardware skills, Recieved 7
 place in ACN regional programmers contest. 
 For references you can contact 
 C. Feit at Yeshiva University, at  (212) 960 0446 or 
 Birgit Satir at Einstain College of Medicine at (718) 430 4063.
 Steve Almo at Einstain College of Medicine at (718) 430 2745

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