RNA crystals with Rh and Ir hexammine

bvanantwerp on BIX bvanantwerp at BIX.com
Mon Jun 6 21:21:47 EST 1994

takahara at ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Patricia M Takahara) writes:

>Does anyone out there know where to get Ir(NH3)6Cl3  
>(iridium hexammine)?  Or is there an easy synthesis
>of it?  What about rhodium hexammine?  Recently there
>was an RNA structure published in PNAS by Kennard that
>mentioned the use of these salts in RNA crystallization
>and I'd really like to try them out if they're not too
>hard to get.  Thanks!

>-Tricia Takahara
You can build them pretty easily from the chlorides and
anhydrous ammonia if I remember correctlyu.  You might also
try Strem Chemical, they could probably sell you some from
stock or make you asmall amount.

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