refix & imstills exe wanted for sgi

Dave Love at
Tue Jun 7 11:45:53 EST 1994

>>>>> In article <Cr18qq.L6y at>, grand at (Gregers Andersen) writes:

 > If anyone has the exe files for refix and imstills from a
 > Sil. Graph. Indigo I would be happy if I could pick them up by
 > ftp. We have tried to install the mosfilm curr. available at
 > DAresbury ftp site and get problems.

I'm not aware that mosflm is ftp-able from Daresbury; it shouldn't be.
It's meant to be obtained from, although you need
the CCP4 library from Daresbury.  Installation problems should
presumably be reported to Andrew Leslie so that they can be fixed.

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