problems with e-mail from CCP4

Dave Love at
Fri Mar 11 10:52:15 EST 1994

I've discovered that much CCP4-related e-mail from me and Sue Bailey
has been given the wrong reply-to: or from: field and so if you
replied to it the replies would have been lost.  (For some reason our
mail hub is re-writing ccp4 at to J.W.Campbell at  I
don't know how long this has been happening.  Please send things again
to ccp4 at if in doubt, like if you were expecting more from
back us or noticed the odd reply address; judging from the lack of
expected reponses there's a lot we haven't seen.  Sorry about this --
someone is trying to fix it.

--Dave (not the secretary)

Thank you for your interest in the CCP4 protein crystallography programs.

 Secretary to CCP4         | Telephone: (+44) 925 603530  (direct line) 
 SERC Daresbury Laboratory |            (+44) 925 603000  (switchboard)
 Warrington WA4 4AD        | Facsimile: (+44) 925 603174
 UK                        | e-mail:    ccp4 at

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