Rotating-anode X-ray generators

Graheme Williams williams at
Mon Mar 21 08:23:11 EST 1994

Friends and Cyberneighbors!

The recent posting requesting information from users on their experience with
rotating anodes and the use of this information in evaluating which system to 
purchase for a new lab prompts me to announce through this medium the fact that
Enraf-Nonius is now providing a NEW rotating anode system.  The model FR591 was
displayed at the IUCr meeting in Beijing and we will be delivering the first 
units in a few weeks.

	The new system provides:-

1.	High-frequency inverter technology for greatly increased efficiency 
2.	Greatly decreased size and weight
3.	Available in either a high-brilliance or high-power version (9 or 18 
	KWatt, all models have full range of anode speed from 'idle' up to 6000
	rpm and yes the 18 KWatt version can use the high brilliance focus
	setting of the 9 KWatt version)
4.	Full computer control with constant monitoring and dynamic adjustment 
	of anode speed, filament current, water flow etc etc.
5.	A fully self contained system with an INTERNAL water-water heat 
	exchanger and no external HV tanks or vacuum pumps!	
6.	Very flexible geometry with two fully equipped X-ray ports.
7.	Direct support from Enraf-Nonius who invented, designed and builds 
	these systems.

	More and more  features of significant scientic value  - talk to me 
about the 10 micron vibration spec, the value of a decent electron optic 
system, how  direct pumping of the anode cavity improves vacuum and filament 
life, what direct drive really does for you, etc etc. 

	As many people know Enraf-Nonius bought the rotating-anode line 
previously marketed under the "Elliott" name by Marconi Avionics (a division of
the English "General Electric Company" in Dec of 1985.  Various models of 
rotating-anode generator had been sold prior to this time with model numbers 
GX-6, GX-13, GX-18, GX-20 and GX-21.  None of these were manufactured by EN 
although we did sell some of them.  Since the transfer we have offered parts 
and service support for all customers.
	The model FR571 RAG was the first built by EN and this model has been 
continuously evolved by the redesign of major systems.  The new model FR591 
builds upon all of the previous developments and adds the high-frequency power 
supply and computer control of a modern system. Note that this system is 
invented, built, sold and serviced by Enraf-Nonius.

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