Brookhaven vs. Swissprot

Hedvig Hedvig
Thu Mar 24 09:54:00 EST 1994

Could anyone reply a very simple question:is there a cross reference
between the two data banks (ie. Brookhaven and Swissprot)? 

If not, 
a/ how can I search for a certain Brookhaven entry in the Swissprot?
I know one but it seems to be very clumsy: I take a PDB file, make a
one letter code sequence from it (by the way many thanks to those who
replied this question of mine in the with the 
reformat command and run a database search for it.

b/ how can I search for a certain sequence in the Brookhaven data bank?
I have only a gopher access to it.

Thanks for your patience,


hegyi at

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