Announcement of ACA Science Teaching Workshop

Linda Hannick, NIH, 301-402-4497 HANNICK at VGER.NIDDK.NIH.GOV
Wed May 4 08:48:29 EST 1994

Learn how to share the excitement of science with school kids...

     A workshop to teach scientists how to work with school-age children is 
available at the ACA annual meeting.  The session engages scientists in 
hands-on physical activities suitable for use with groups of students of 
various ages.  The workshop models how such activities should be conducted 
in settings such as school classrooms, museums, and industrial facilities.  
     "Science with a Scientist--Training Scientist Volunteers to do Hands-On 
Science with Young People" was developed by the American Institute of Physics 
and the American Chemical Society.  It is being offered at the American 
Crystallographic Association Meeting, on Saturday, June 25. The registration 
deadline is May 20.  For more information, call Linda Hannick, 301-402-4497.
The March '94 ACA Newsletter, page 17, has further details. Send the form 
below (or in March ACA Newsletter) by May 20 with your registration fee to:
Marcia Vair, ACA Headquarters, P.O. Box 96 Ellicott Station, Buffalo, NY 
14205-0096.  E-mail: marcia%2055 at  Fax: 716-852-4846
Phone: 716-856-9600, ext.321.

Science with a Scientist registration			Date:___________
Fee enclosed:  _____$60 (regular member)  _____$30 (student/retired)

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