structures in 1993

Christophe Verlinde verlinde at
Thu May 5 23:31:58 EST 1994

Hi folks,
Does anyone know how many protein structures were solved in 1993(xtallography   and NMR)? I thought to find the answer in Macromolecues 1993 edited by W.
Hendrickson and K. Wuthrich. Nope... This publication describes structures
published in 1993(that's why it's called 1993). Furthermore, too bad for
the folks who solved mutants or complexes that proved to be isomorphous
with the 'original' structure: they are not listed. Anyway, no hardship.
All I am after is the question how many structures were published in 1993.
It's for a review about the marvels xtallography and NMR is doing in the
field of protein structure-based inhibitor design.
Already many thanks for sharing your info with me.
Christophe Verlinde
University of Washington, Seattle
verlinde at

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