Tim Allison tja2f at
Fri May 13 14:41:33 EST 1994

Apparently our previous supplier of 5"x7" film no longer carries it.
So I am now searching for suppliers of film.  We have been using AGFA
Gevaert but I don't see any reason to be particularly picky.  What
film do most people use for precession cameras?  Are there
manufacturers I should steer away from or towards?  What is a normal

Sorry to ask so many questions but if I'm going to switch suppliers
I'd like to do it with a bit of knowledge. (Before it was just a
matter of ordering the same old stuff.)

I searched, not exhaustively mind you, and didn't find a FAQ.  If
there is one, where?  If this subject is covered, I apologize.  Steer
me to the FAQ and I'll answer my own questions.

Thanks so much,
Tim Allison
Dept of Biochemistry
Univ. of Virginia

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